Thursday, September 17, 2009

Police State!

The United States' Government spends a great deal of its time these days employing various methods to control and corral its citizens. The trend, for example, towards maximum surveillance has been in place for quite some time, predating even the horrors of 9/11. Certain states in particular seem to be ahead of the curve where exercises in big brother behavior are concerned, and none more so than The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where lately the local legislature has seen fit to pass laws that allow for activity uncomfortably reminiscent of The Gestapo.

Mandatory vaccinations, health care interrogations of state citizens, forced entry into homes without a warrant, on site destruction of buildings or objects suspected of harboring a virus, seizure of family pets, and "involuntary transportation'" of citizens into quarantine camps, are among the many heinous acts that may be perpetrated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts against its citizens in the event of an outbreak of, for example, Swine Flu.

As always, a murky, and at best, inchoate threat has been put forth as justification for the passage of laws that are, in several instances, constitutionally challenged. Specifically, the 4th Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizures, seems the most obvious victims of Massachusetts' legislative overreach.

Given that there is no demonstrable widespread threat from Swine Flu, and bearing in mind that the safety and efficacy of vaccines associated with Swine Flu are, at best, dubious, one is compelled to ask, what is going on?

That will be the subject of discussion in the next installment of Police State.

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