Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Police State Chronicles

Health Care workers in New York, regardless of what field of heath care one is in, are being told they must take a vaccine. I'm delighted to report that they are having none of it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Support HR 1207 and Indict Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan!

In response to the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee's FOIA request regarding the exact nature of The Federal Reserve's gold leasing activities, The Fed has admitted that it has concealed documentation of their gold swap operations with foreign central banks.

This is big news because A.) the sort of actions taken by The Fed, without question for the purpose of suppressing the price of gold, are not only NOT part of their remit, but are, in fact, illegal. What's more, this admission means Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke and his predecessor Alan Greenspan have lied before Congress. Whenever questioned on this issue, both have sytematically denied The Fed's involvement in gold leasing schemes. Now, more than ever, auditing The Fed is imperative since, with these new revelations, there is every reason to wonder about the status of U.S government gold. It may, in fact, as some assert, be gone. We simply don't know, but "We The People" have every right to find out. In the meantime, let the indictment and prosecution of Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan begin. They have earned it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Police State Part Four-What would John Adams Say?

We don't know what John Adams would say, but we here at American Revolution Today would like to think that, if, by some miracle, the second President of The United States were resurrected, he would have some very choice words regarding The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's two day old ruling allowing police with a warrant to break into a suspect’s car to secretly install tracking devices using a global positioning system.

I suppose we would have to get Mr. Adams up to speed on what a GPS was first, but there's no doubt that once he wrapped his fine legal mind around what a GPS does, Mr. Adams would immediately home in on the salient issue in this ruling, which is how ripe it is for abuse by legal authorities and law enforcement. And of course that major pitfall says nothing about the affront this ruling poses to the 4th Amendment of The Constitution which protects privacy as it relates to one's home and possessions. Massachusetts, once the cradle of liberty, of late seems in a desperate hurry to do its best to imitate the behavior of a totalitarian regime. Between recent outrageous legislation concerning how The Commonwealth will prospectively treat its citizens in a Swine Flu epidemic, and this latest judicial jaw dropper, we at American Revolution Today believe Massachusetts government, broadly defined, is succeeding to an alarming degree. And we're pretty sure that John Adams, and his cousin Sam, for that matter, aren't merely rolling in their graves, they are spinning like Tasmanian Devils.

Police State 3rd installment

Cull the herd. Why would anyone want to do that? Well, anyone wouldn't. However, when one considers that the U.S. government is collapsing under the weight of a whole range of fiscal obligations, and when one further considers that the planet's eco-system is straining under the weight of the presence of well over 6.5 billion human beings, one can imagine how, in the mind of some contingent of elite (and callous) planners, many problems would be addressed by the "removal" of a large segment of the the U.S. and/or planet's population.

I know, it smacks of Strangelovian nuttiness. Perhaps it is. However, consider that sometimes the most straightforward explanation to a series of hard to decipher events is often the best explanation. Or, put another way, and to quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

In the meantime, while one is considering whether the impossible has been eliminated, the United States' Military Industrial Complex continues to do it's shakedown thing in the form of a very high ranking U.S. Military Commander threatening failure in Afghanistan if more forces are not deployed. Since our mission there-what is it exactly besides lining the pockets of military related concerns?- seems as questionable (and attainable) as trying to find a grain of rice in a wheat silo, I suggest that instead of allowing ourselves to be extorted yet again, that we pack up our troubles in our old kit bag and leave, leave, leave.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Police State Continued

Were one unconcerned about the risk of being labeled a tin foil hat wearing paranoid, one might offer that the powers that be are up to no good when they position the populace for vaccination with, at best, unproven medicine against an, as yet, virtually nonexistent Swine Flu threat. Yes, if one were to suggest that there might be something sinister afoot, along the lines of culling the herd, one might be labeled a delusional kook. Fair enough. However, it may be worth bearing in mind that 50% of British health care officials are planning to refuse a flu vaccine, while 71.3% are concerned that the vaccine has not been through sufficient trials to guarantee safety.
And an article by William Engdahl featured by The Center for Global Research, shows there is strong evidence linking a rise in autism to vaccinations.

At this point, the next question posed by a tin foil hat wearer might be, why would the government want to "cull the herd?"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Police State!

The United States' Government spends a great deal of its time these days employing various methods to control and corral its citizens. The trend, for example, towards maximum surveillance has been in place for quite some time, predating even the horrors of 9/11. Certain states in particular seem to be ahead of the curve where exercises in big brother behavior are concerned, and none more so than The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where lately the local legislature has seen fit to pass laws that allow for activity uncomfortably reminiscent of The Gestapo.

Mandatory vaccinations, health care interrogations of state citizens, forced entry into homes without a warrant, on site destruction of buildings or objects suspected of harboring a virus, seizure of family pets, and "involuntary transportation'" of citizens into quarantine camps, are among the many heinous acts that may be perpetrated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts against its citizens in the event of an outbreak of, for example, Swine Flu.

As always, a murky, and at best, inchoate threat has been put forth as justification for the passage of laws that are, in several instances, constitutionally challenged. Specifically, the 4th Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizures, seems the most obvious victims of Massachusetts' legislative overreach.

Given that there is no demonstrable widespread threat from Swine Flu, and bearing in mind that the safety and efficacy of vaccines associated with Swine Flu are, at best, dubious, one is compelled to ask, what is going on?

That will be the subject of discussion in the next installment of Police State.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Principles and Basic Precepts.

What does the prospect of Revolution mean today in The United States? Well, the very fact that today we are a nation, whereas in the late eighteenth century our forefathers were simply a collection of subject farmers and tradesmen inhabiting a colonial outpost of The British Empire, puts us in a very different set of circumstances than our predecessors. And yet some of the very same intolerable conditions that impelled our colonial ancestors to revolt against an arbitrary and unresponsive British crown exist today.

In fact, if anything, the tax burden you and I face now is greater by a substantial sum than what existed at the outset of The American Revolution when the cry "Taxation Without Representation" was the clarion call for defiance against The British Crown. More troubling perhaps is that those individuals that stand today at the head of our leading institutions of public life, whether they be the Treasury Secretary, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman, Senior Congressmen and women, and even The President, seem every bit as disinterested in honestly addressing our legitimate concerns, and in answering our probing questions, as any eighteenth century British Parliamentarian or exhalted royal head of state were in addressing the complaints of the colonialists.

Some might offer that the answer to such a lamentable state of affairs is to simply replace, via the ballot box, recalcitrant and unresponsive leaders. Regrettably, it is the opinion of American Revolution Today that the mechanisms of government are now so deeply flawed, so intractably corrupt, that no such simple remedy is possible were it even allowed. In truth, it is the view of American Revolution Today that:

1.) The United States Federal Government, functioning primarily on behalf of monied interests, particularly big banking and Wall Street, has become a nemesis of "We The People."

2.) The entrenched two party system comprised of Democrats and Republicans is, in the main, obstructive of reform, and, by definition, utterly opposed to anything resembling revolutionary change.

3.) At this juncture, traditional means of political self determination may not be the way forward, but in any case, we at American Revolution Today are convinced that no candidate from either the Democratic or Republican parties should receive support; any affiliation with the two party system almost assures that such a candidacy would ultimately be antithetical to government benefiting "We The People."

Following on from that, no candidate who runs for Federal public office that does not feature the following planks in their campaign platform will be deemed suitable for election.

A.) Term limits
B.) Campaign Finance Reform
C.) Shortened Election Cycles
D.) Cessation of "Redistricting"
E.) Full Audit of The Federal Reserve
F.) The restoration of constitutional mandate for congressional control of U.S. currency.
G.) An end to further raising of the debt ceiling
H.) Immediate removal of all troops, personnel, and material from Iran and Afghanistan
I.) Replacement of income tax and estate taxes with new levies on consumption, and amended levies on capital gains by individuals and corporations.
J.) Health care reform that is first and foremost free market based with no governmental bias towards "Big Pharma" or the insurance industry.
K.) A multi-generational program designed to return some "reasonable sum" of manufacture back to the United States
L.) The complete overhaul of such government agencies as the SEC, The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and Homeland Security, to name but a few.
M.) Full investigations of those individuals in and out of government who are alleged to have engaged in criminal activity associated with the collapse of various large banking concerns and quasi government agencies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
N.) An end to the entire "alphabet soup" of programs funneling money to too big to be allowed to exist parasitic institutions such as AIG, BOA, GS, Citicorp, and JPM.
O.) A restoration of mark to market accounting standards, and the cessation of the writing of any more "standard performance contracts" aka OTC derivatives, until such time as a regulated exchange is instituted for their trade.
P.) A complete rollback of all cap and trade legislation.

If you are in agreement with the ideas and political initiatives expressed here, and feel as we do, join us in making the Second American Revolution a reality. Join us in reestablishing a nation where The Constitution is fully respected, and where good government is defined as one that governs least and always on behalf of the greater good.