Monday, September 21, 2009

Police State Part Four-What would John Adams Say?

We don't know what John Adams would say, but we here at American Revolution Today would like to think that, if, by some miracle, the second President of The United States were resurrected, he would have some very choice words regarding The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's two day old ruling allowing police with a warrant to break into a suspect’s car to secretly install tracking devices using a global positioning system.

I suppose we would have to get Mr. Adams up to speed on what a GPS was first, but there's no doubt that once he wrapped his fine legal mind around what a GPS does, Mr. Adams would immediately home in on the salient issue in this ruling, which is how ripe it is for abuse by legal authorities and law enforcement. And of course that major pitfall says nothing about the affront this ruling poses to the 4th Amendment of The Constitution which protects privacy as it relates to one's home and possessions. Massachusetts, once the cradle of liberty, of late seems in a desperate hurry to do its best to imitate the behavior of a totalitarian regime. Between recent outrageous legislation concerning how The Commonwealth will prospectively treat its citizens in a Swine Flu epidemic, and this latest judicial jaw dropper, we at American Revolution Today believe Massachusetts government, broadly defined, is succeeding to an alarming degree. And we're pretty sure that John Adams, and his cousin Sam, for that matter, aren't merely rolling in their graves, they are spinning like Tasmanian Devils.

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