Friday, September 18, 2009

Police State Continued

Were one unconcerned about the risk of being labeled a tin foil hat wearing paranoid, one might offer that the powers that be are up to no good when they position the populace for vaccination with, at best, unproven medicine against an, as yet, virtually nonexistent Swine Flu threat. Yes, if one were to suggest that there might be something sinister afoot, along the lines of culling the herd, one might be labeled a delusional kook. Fair enough. However, it may be worth bearing in mind that 50% of British health care officials are planning to refuse a flu vaccine, while 71.3% are concerned that the vaccine has not been through sufficient trials to guarantee safety.
And an article by William Engdahl featured by The Center for Global Research, shows there is strong evidence linking a rise in autism to vaccinations.

At this point, the next question posed by a tin foil hat wearer might be, why would the government want to "cull the herd?"

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