Friday, October 16, 2009

Barney Frank Again?

The week is book ended with more horrific tales of the vile legislator from Bedford, MA. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if you are listening, if you are not utterly inured to the horrors being committed in your name by your duly if errantly elected politician, Congressman Frank, who is a blot on decency, a canker sore on the body politic, a foul, despicable whore for the worst elements of the big banking cabal for which he is entrusted to reign in, wake up and remove this ghastly charlatan immediately. It may already be too late for he has despoiled the landscape in ways that are hard, if not impossible to calculate. Regardless, in order to salvage some shred of self respect, it is imperative that those who are in a position to do so remove Congressman Frank from office at the first opportunity.


  1. That's a good rant about this pig, Edwardo.

    It looks like there's no hope for reform by this route. But then, what could we have expected from them.

    Conditions aren't yet ripe. All informed and willful people can do is prepare in the meantime.

    -Russ (from Volatility)

  2. Indeed conditions are not ripe. One wonders on what day, if ever, they will be?