Friday, October 23, 2009

Are You A Fan Of Karl's

Karl Denninger has done, and continues to do, very good forensic work exposing the profoundly corrupt practices engaged in by the purveyors of big banking and "high finance." He has helped uncover many of the more egregious crimes committed by all manner of actors operating both in and out of government, and along the way has caught many of them in a variety of prevarications and bad faith gestures. For his yeoman like efforts in this regard, we owe Mr. Denninger a sizable debt.

Unfortunately, despite all that he has exposed of the corruption in and around government as it relates to banking and finance, Mr. Denninger still operates within a world view that hews to the idea that our government as it is presently constituted is capable of acting as an efficacious servant of "We The People." Despite all the evidence that has surfaced to date that no reform is forthcoming of the sort that Mr. Denninger clamors for, and that many of us are passionate to see enacted, Mr. Denninger still appears to possess a seemingly bottomless reserve of belief and hope in the U.S. Government's potential to operate within the guidelines of The Constitution and on behalf of the general public.

For example, as of today, he appears heartened by apparent movement in Congress to confront illegal actions related to Angelo Mozillo's Countrywide Financial, almost certainly one of the more outstanding criminal enterprises of our time. American Revolution Today would like to suggest to Mr. Denninger that even now, in his present mood of hopefulness, he would do well to prepare for ultimate disappointment. We further advise that until the planks listed in the first post of this blog become centerpieces of government, the occasional meagre lurches towards "doing the right thing," will yield no substantial or lasting alteration in the present fundamentally corrupt functioning of government.

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  1. Well, I guess everybody won't come to that realization at the same time. Lots of people still have lots of cultural baggage to overcome. But in the meantime at least he's on the right side, even if he doesn't see all the implications yet.